Margie + Jesus

Christmas Eve and it’s an unseasonably warm 65° in Central Park. A bride, escorted by her son, calmly starts her procession at the South East corner of Bow Bridge. Surrounded by family smiling ear-to-ear, she meets her groom at the apex. From her blush, backless gown to the rose shaped ring box, the bride poured attention into every detail. Today, head to toe, she shines.

Bride's son giving his mother's hand in marriage

Bride’s son giving his mother’s hand in marriage

The wedding ceremony is always important to the couple but for Margie, I could tell this ceremony was very, very important to her. Both her and her groom, Jesus wanted a ceremony that reflected their shared Catholic background. Coming from the same religious upbringing, I felt fortunate to incorporate my first faith into a spirit-filled service for this couple. Margie specifically asked if I would wear minister’s robes. I was more than happy to oblige. I even sewed a special stole of gold brocade with red roses for the occasion. You can imagine our delight when Margie and I saw how nicely the stole complimented her wedding color scheme. I love little serendipitous moments like that.

Margie, Rev. Mary-Rose, Jesus

Margie’s sister read to us in Spanish. The couple wrote their own vows and followed them up with traditional vows. Jesus gave his personal vows in Spanish and Margie started hers by thanking everyone. In keeping with the Catholic tradition, Jesus and Margie’s service started with an invocation and ended with a benediction. In the middle, I broke away from tradition by inviting everyone to share in blessing the couple.

Giving all the love I had to give that afternoon, was easy. Before the service started, I could feel the love and support from their family. A couple, passing by, stopped to watch the service. Hand-in-hand, their attention pointed, I could see they too could feel the love.