Double Happiness ~ It All Started in 8th Grade

Chinese Wedding TraditionsBrief excerpt from a Chinese-American wedding ceremony written and performed by Rev. Mary-Rose:

“An ancient Chinese legend holds that a couple is bound at birth by an invisible red thread which continuously shrinks over the years until the couple is united in marriage.  The legend states that nothing in this world can sever the thread, not distance or changing circumstances.  Marriage is their destiny.

If the legend is true, this couple’s thread must have been long, for the journey to this day has been an extended one.  Back in grade school, when Phong wrote his phone number on the back of his 8th grade picture, asking Jade to call him, little did he know he would be standing here today.  When Jade moved out of her parent’s house, she threw out that same picture thinking, “Oh, I’ll never see that guy again,” little did she know she would be standing here today.

During their college years and after, to their surprise, they would run into each other.  On one such an occasion, Phong decided to ask Jade out.  This time, he was not going to let chance get in the way; he was going to be the one calling her.  But with her phone number in hand, getting Jade to go out with him wasn’t so easy.  He had called several times to ask her out.  Jade’s initial response was, “Whatever.”  Fortunately, Phong is quite persevering and Jade eventually agreed to have dinner with him.  That was the beginning of their romance and the continuation of their long friendship.

Today in the presence of family and friends, Jade and Phong will commit their lives to one another. With the words “I do” they not only profess their love, but also pledge to remain by the side of their beloved in both the good and bad times and during the joys and sorrows of life.”