Why Seek Counseling From Us

People seek our counseling services for a variety of reasons.

A person may be trying to overcome one or more problems related directly or indirectly to his or her belief system. Often people seek counseling because of challenges that arise as they move from one stage of life to another. Other times, they may be dealing with repercussions of trauma or other life challenges. For couples of different faiths, it may be a question related raising children in a multifaith home. In some cases, a person may seek support when someone close to them differs or seeks to change their religion. A person may simply seek to connect their beliefs with improvements he or she wants to see in his or her life.


Rev. Mary-Rose "Janani" offers Spiritual counseling and Rev. Todd "Rama" offers From The Heart counseling.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling approaches issues with the inclusion of spirituality in addition to traditional mental, physical, and emotional methods.


Mary-Rose EngleAs a Spiritual Counselor, I differ from other types of religious counselors in that I do not require you to follow any specific doctrine or spiritual belief. Instead, I honor your beliefs and assist you in developing a deeper spiritual connection based on your own personal understanding.


From the Heart counseling

When an individual learns how to use their heart as a sensory organ, they can truly grow into a new life, one more aligned with their own hearts desires.


From the Heart Counseling focuses on using the Heart as a means of healing and creating a connection to your souls purpose. It is excellent counseling for those who wish to learn how to manage anxiety, stress and for individuals who wish to create a deeper connect to their true desires.

The Heart has a very unique connection to the human body and works totally independent from other organs, as well as a unique relationship with the mind. In recent years much more research has become available and the implications that the Heart has on the human body has become both profound and insightful. I invite you to discover just how powerful this counseling can be.


Communicate With Authenticity

We are not taught to communicate with our hearts. As adults we tend to plot and think about what we are going to say all with the intent of keeping our emotionality out of the conversation. Over time we forget how to communicate with authentic feelings, worse yet we can forget how to even articulate what we are feeling. From the Heart counseling you learn how to communicate in a much different way, one that is much more authentic and rich with emotion without being out of control. Ultimately learning to communicate from the Heart creates a much more enjoyable lifestyle, rich with authentic relationships. This type of counseling is great for newlyweds, troubled relationships, individuals that feel shut down by the lack of ability to communicate their emotions, or individuals that would like to mature emotionally by being more in touch with their emotionality.

Healing Emotional Wounds

Traditional psychotherapy works with the mind when trying to heal past trauma. I have found that working with the Heart, an organ that is directly connected to an individual’s emotional body, can be much more effective. Anxiety will commonly arise when the mind begins to associate and focus on unfavorable circumstances or environment patterning associated to emotional trauma. This in turn sends communication to your Heart that sends out signals releasing hormones that present feelings of anxiety. To reverse this flow it becomes critical at that time of anxiety to begin focusing on changing the rhythm of the Heart, thus changing the chemical reactions within the body. This reverses the process of mind association and identification. The mind will no longer associate the situation or environment with past trauma easing the occurrence of anxiety. Eventually, after practice, the association will leave all together.


Manifesting a New Life

This is a very grounded but esoteric practice of Heart counseling. So many individuals feel trapped within their lives, helpless to change or make changes that will bring them happiness. The Heart is an amazing organ capable of creating a new reality when it becomes emotionally charged. If you are an individual that feels they are not living up to their own potential or feels as if their life is not going in a direction they like, From the Heart Counseling can help you create a new reality, one filled with joy and happiness.

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