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Things to consider when searching for the right officiant

A great place to start is for you and your fiancé(e) to clearly identify what kind of officiant you would like at your wedding. Don't assume you both have the same type of minister in mind.

"...most importantly [Rev. Mary-Rose] had a genuine caring for us and a deep commitment in making our special day perfect." ~Shankara & Fatima

First things first

Q. Are you OK with a female minister or does gender matter to you?

Q. What are some personality traits you would like to see in your officiant? Some examples are traditional, modern, friendly, approachable, sincere, knowledgeable, comfortable, personable, dignified, has a calming effect, etc.

Q. Does she offer the type of ceremony you have in mind? For some suggestions, go to Your Ceremony Style or Types of Ceremonies

Q. Do you want an officiant who understands your spiritual practice or is your minister's religious or spiritual knowledge of little or no importance?

Q. How would you like your minister to appear? This sounds like a minor issue but keep in mind, your officiant will be in your ceremony photos and video? You'll want an officiant who is neat and polished.

Q. Do you like their voice? Do they sound confident? Do they have a pleasant way of speaking? Are they commanding without being overbearing?

True love, your promise.
Extraordinary ceremony, my promise.
~Rev. Mary-Rose

Your Expectations

Q. Do you want your wedding officiant to listen to all your ideas, wishes and decisions not only with an open mind but also with excitement? Click here

Your ideas for your ceremony, every wish and every concern will be heard. The deeper I listen the greater your comfort. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is for me to help you bring forth what gives your love cause to celebrate. The deeper my understanding, the more meaningful I can make your ceremony. What you and your partner share is important. I will make sure you both have ample opportunity to fully express yourselves.

You will always have the final say as to what goes into your nuptials.

Q. Do you want your ceremony to have certain elements but are unsure of how or where to fit them in, or perhaps you and your partner are from different faiths and you don't want your families to feel excluded or offended? You want an officiant who can step up to the challenge and seamlessly bring it all together. Click here

I will fill in the gaps between what you know you want, what you think you might like, what you know you don't want and what you need to make your marriage official. For example, you may be a Christian who wants the Lord's Prayer in your service, your partner who is Hindu wants to include Satapadi, many of your guests are atheist, and you emphatically do not want to be pronounced as "man and wife".

You will have a ceremony that harmoniously weaves the elements you want with what you need, leave out what you don't want and bring it all together in such a way that none of your guests will have cause to feel excluded or offended.

Q. Do you NOT want the "usual" ceremony that causes people to tune out but instead a ceremony that engages and inspires your guests? Click here

You will have a one of a kind, handcrafted ceremony that brings beauty and happiness to the most important part of your big day. Based on our initial interview, you will receive relevant samples from which to choose or modify. Because you will decide on the elements in your ceremony, you and your partner's persona will come through and your guests will naturally want to hear every word.

Q. Do you want a Wedding Officiant who is poised and calm no matter what happens and is able to quickly and efficiently handle any situation with grace and fortitude? Click here

Unexpected things can happen. Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise; sometimes, not so pleasant. As your officiant, I'm there for you ensuring that your ceremony (and then some) goes as planned. If something should go awry, I'll be there to set things back on track. You will get to "I now pronounce you…" with style and dignity.

Q. Do you want a Wedding Officiant who is mindful of your time and degree to which you want to participate in the creation of your ceremony? Click here

You may want to roll up your sleeves and dive right into creating your ceremony. You may simply want to write your own vows, or you may be somewhere in between. No matter the degree of your involvement, planning your ceremony will be pleasant and enjoyable instead of another item on your to-do list.

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More Info

If you still need more tips on planning your ceremony then check out my Ceremony Types page.

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