Aishwarya Rai Bachan + Abhishek Bachan, April 20, 2007

Congratulations Ash and Abhi on their 5th year wedding anniversary and their new baby girl, Aaradhya.

Ash and Abhi started as co-stars. After working with Ash in a few films, Abhi says he developed feelings for the actress who’s been called the most beautiful woman in the world. “I was filming in New York for a movie,” he says. “And I used to stand on the balcony of my hotel room and wish that, ‘One day, wouldn’t it be nice if I was together with her, married.’”  Years later, the co-stars returned to New York City as a couple. They were there for the premiere of Guru, a film they worked on together, but Abhi had something special in store.

“After the premiere, we were back in the hotel,” he says. “So I took her to the very same balcony, and I asked her to marry me.”  The ring that Abhishek had with him was no diamond rock, but a studio prop from the set of Guru.  It was the same ring that Abhishek had slipped on Aishwarya’s finger in the film. He in fact asked the producer if he could keep the ring, for sentimental reasons.

Sure, they’re rich and famous, but like most Indian couples, they don’t live alone. Ash and Abhi share a home with Abhi’s parents.  “It’s normal,” Ash says. “It’s absolutely natural to us. … I lived with my parents before we got married, so it’s a natural thing.” Abhi says his grandparents also lived with them before they passed away.  This practice is common in many parts of the world. “It’s normal to bring the parents in, to have respect for the elders,” Oprah says. “To have your elders to be a part of your life forever.”

What first caught her attention: “His eyes. Genuine.”

Endearing annoyances:  “She’s a tad bit disorganized.”

‘Aishwarya’ means wealth and prosperity

‘Abhishek’ derived from Sanskrit loosely translated means ‘Installed as king”

‘Aaradhya’ means ‘one who is worth worshiping,’